Sunday, February 23, 2014

SFS February Update

 It's been a slow stitching month for me.  I've been busy with homeschooling the boys and doing "life" things and haven't had a whole lot of time for stitching over the last few weeks.

 I did get a new start from my stash.  If you recall in a previous post, I received this LK chart from Tina as a PIF.  She had sent the leftover threads from hers and I've been using them, but have ran out of 2 colors of the WDW so I've stopped at the halfway point and will be ordering the 2 colors I need later next month.  Fortunately I also received a $10 gift card this month for a bingo game so I'll be able to use it to get the threads.  Until then, this is where I have left it....

I had picked up my Grand Marquoir piece for this month but I ended up putting it down out of frustration.  I almost had the next square completed and found that I had missed 2 stitches and it threw the entire block off kilter.  So I spent an hour frogging it and will have to re-stitch it.  No pics to show of it for now since there really isn't any progress.  

Since I was so irritated with GM, I started sifting through my tote bag and found this piece that I had forgotten about.  It's from My Big Toe and it's called "Stitching is Cheaper".   I had started this for the Crazy January 2012 Challenge and never went back to it. 

After pulling it out and having a peek I thought it would be a great piece to stitch up for a quick finish fix.   Here it is all done.  Still needs ironed and framed, but hey, a finish is a finish. :)
I did actually spend some money this month.  I bought these two charm square packs off ebay.  They were $7.90 for both of them.  I'm expecting my first grand child in June and these are for a quilt for the new baby.  Should be bright and colorful.
My next purchase for the month was 3 plates and 3 plate holders from the dollar store.  A total of $6 was spent to do this project.   I had the vinyl cut over a year ago when I went to a vinyl party and have had it sitting in the closet forever just waiting for inspiration to hit.   I think these will be cute above my kitchen cabinets. :) was a VERY slow stitching month for me.   I do think I did well with my spending though...a grand total of $13.90 spent for the whole month!   Hoping for a better stitching month in March.  Maybe "life" will slow down a bit and allow me to stitch.  Until next time, keep those needles smoking!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yota Update & Finish

 Its the first Saturday of the month and you know what that means....its Yota time!    I actually made my goal of having the "dirty word" finished by the end of January.  I finished last night at about 10:45...barely made it on the 31st, but I'm happy.  I guess I can now start calling it BoInk again.   Its been a long road with this project and I think I'm going to kind of miss it.  I'm so happy to have this as my first YOTA finish of the year.

And since YOTA stands for "year of the acronym" I need another WIP/UFO to take its place, so the next big one I'll be focusing on is Grand Marquoir.  I started this one in January 2012 as part of the Crazy January challenge.  I completed the first block and didn't touch it for the rest of that year.  It sat here in the scroll frame forever and I finally picked it back up a few months ago.  I have not got that far on it but I do want this finished this year.  This will be my main YOTA focus for the month of February.

I also have a smaller project I'll be working on for YOTA this month.  It's another one that was started for the Crazy January 2012....Shepard's Bush "Scatter Hearts".   I forgot I even had this one and found it while I was cleaning out and organizing things for the SFS challenge.   I think this is a perfect project for February since it's Valentine's month. :)  The only thing I don't like about this piece is I started it on some kind of 18 count aida.  I don't know what the color is or where it even came from but it's how I kitted it up so I'm gonna roll with it.  The great thing about this is I have everything for it including the buttons.  I don't know why I never finished it.

And to make sure I get some kind of finish in the month of February, I'll be working on this Lizzie Kate "Life is not Measured" piece.  This is the one Tina PIF'd me a few weeks ago.  I really want to get this one done and framed to hang up on the wall.  Not much progress to show yet,  I was bored with BoInk and needed something to clear my head the other day and ease my frustration so I tossed in a few stitches.
 Well, I guess that about sums up my stitching plans for the month of February.  Hoping for the two small finishes and lots of progress on Grand Marquoir.  What are all of you planning for this month?   Happy stitching everyone and keep those needles smoking!