Saturday, March 22, 2014

SFS March Update

What a crazy month March has been for me!   I haven't had time to really pick up my stitching or do any of the fun stuff this month.  Family has kept me busy and I have a feeling April will be a busy month too.  

I tried to pick up Grand Marquoir and stitch on it, but I just lost interest after I frogged my mistake.  It's been on the backburner this month and I'm not sure when I'll feel like picking it back up.  Here's what it looks like after frogging and trying to restitch the area I messed up on...

I do have a new start from my stash though.  It's Lizzie Kate "forgive quickly, kiss slowly".   I had the chart in my stash and a scrap piece of white monaco from a previous project so I just pulled a skein of floss from Grand Marquoir and started it while watching a movie with my husband one evening.  Not much to show, I think I watched the movie more than I actually stitched. ;)   Will probably have a finish pic of it in my April update since it's so small and easy to grab while watching tv.  That's the only time I stitch on it.

Today I didn't feel like picking up anything I already have started and the itch to start a new project has been killing me.  After convincing myself that it was okay to start something new I dug through my bag of "kitted" up stuff and found a new project.   The only problem is I had a piece of aida in the bag for it.  I kitted this one up long before I discovered I liked linens/evenweaves and now I can't stand the thought of doing this on aida.  Soooo, I dug through my fabric stash and tea dyed this piece of white 28 count monaco this morning...

And this is the chart that will be stitched on it......
It's from an old UK magazine and it's one of those absolutely must do someday projects for me.  Back when I first saw this I was so excited I special ordered the aida for it.  Sure wish I would have discovered my love for the evenweaves sooner.

I guess March was a good month for my stash spending....there's been NONE!   Way to go for me!   I am so glad that I have so many things kitted up already, it's like shopping in my own stash.  I think if I keep going the way I have been, I may just get some major stash busting in this year.   Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Well, that's it for me.  Nothing much else to report since it's been such a slow month.  Hope you all have your needles smoking!  Happy stitching!

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