Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June SFS Update

I have no pics to show this month.   I have not stitched at all.  I've got a lot of personal issues going on at the moment and have completely lost my will to do anything.

Since I don't have any update for the month, I'll leave you with a tip:  When it calls for two strands of floss, always use the loop method to start.  It leaves a cleaner backside.  (ok, that's my personal preference, but hey, it was a tip, right?)

Hope everyone else is stitching like mad and making lots of progress.


  1. Are you ok Mary? If you ever need to talk email me and I'll listen or you can call me I will send my number via email. Hang in there sweetie.
    Hugs Kim C

  2. Hope things get easier for you or things get resolved. Hugs, Christina

  3. Hope you are doing better now...I love using the loop method too.

  4. me too loop method is the best!!