Monday, January 13, 2014

How This Stash Addict is Staying on the Wagon

Before I show you all how I'm planning to stay on this challenge wagon for the year, I've got to show you the fabulous exchange I received from  the X-stitch X-changes facebook group.

  My partner was Amanda and she sent me  a pack of Bohin needles, which I have never tried.  I've been wanting to try them out for a while now and have just never gotten around to ordering them.   Next is a pair of Sew Mate scissors, another item I've never tried or even heard of.  Let me just say...they are sharp and pointy.  I tried them out on a few floss scraps and they are fabulous!  They are smaller than any of my other embroidery scissors but the sharp point will be perfect for hardanger and those times when I need to get super close to cut.  Love them!   Next was a little tin with a "lotion bar" inside.   I've seen these on pinterest but have not tried one and it's another item that I've been wanting to try out.   Loved this little exchange and so pleased to try out new things! :)

Okay, now for the hard parts....the staying away from new stash purchases.   This is a hard one for me but I've got some support going on here from my mom.  She's pretty good at enabling me most of the time but this time she shocked me with these cute little photo storage boxes.  Yeah yeah, I know they are suppose to be for pictures but I found a new use for them....

They have officially been renamed: Challenge boxes!  The first one holds my current projects that I'm working on with all the floss, chart, scissors, etc.  Yes, the dirty word is currently hanging out in that box..

The other box has most of  my WIPS/UFO's in it that I have started and never finished.  Some have only a few stitches in them and some are already half done.  Everything is there to complete them, they just need finished stitching up.  THIS is the box I'll be slowly trying to make it through for the SFS2014 & YOTA challenges. Most of these were started for the 2012 Crazy January Challenge and never saw the light of day again.

And if by some miracle I actually make it through that box this year, I have my "all kitted up and ready to go" tote bag.  A rough estimate of about 30 projects are in this bag.  All of them have all the floss, beads, buttons, fabric, charts and whatever else it calls for.  They just need to be stitched up.  I believe there are a couple of UFO's in the bag also.

Why am I showing you all of this?   Well,  I need some accountability.  Someone has to yell at me and tell me not to be buying any more.  I think I'm becoming a stash hoarder. (is that a good thing or bad thing?)  I need an intervention and I'm counting on all of you to intervent that even a word?

And since I've now embarrassed myself with my hoarding problem I'll go hide in a corner and pick up a needle so I can look busy.  Hope you all have smoking needles!  Happy stitching!


  1. What a great idea using boxes! I haven't organize my stuff for this year but I will in a couple weeks, hopefully. Maybe I will be brave and show my stash too.

    1. I hadn't *really* planned on organizing much, I just kind of fell into it. I think I need more boxes though. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment on my Just Nan piece. You're a "no-reply" blogger so I've popped over here to reply! I love your stash pile, hopefully that will diminish this year with the SFS challenge.
    Are you doing Zeb's Just Nan SAL too?

    1. Thanks Jo. I would love to have my stash pile dwindle down to nothing this year, then I can buy NEW stash! ;) I'm not doing the Just Nan SAL this year, I didn't want to put too much on my plate but I do have a couple of Just Nan pieces that may come out of the bag this year. "Queen of the Needle" is all kitted up and waiting.

  3. I am on the SFS challenge too. Hang in there and after a while, it won't be so hard. Love your projects. I saw that great big Celtic design in a Michael Vikery book a few years ago. Is stiched a stylized initial from the book and that the finish I get the most compliments on. Dirty word is going to be amazing! Why do you call it Dirty Word?