Saturday, April 26, 2014

April SFS Update

April has been a busy month for me.  My birthday was this month and I had planned to make a big purchase of stitchy things but ended up not even celebrating my birthday.  Hubby made dinner that night and we called it a day.   

We also moved house this month so I have had no stitching time at all.   My dining area is still filled with boxes of craft stuff.  Our old house had a 4th bedroom that I used as a craft room, this house has only 3 bedrooms so I no longer get to have a craft room.  Kinda makes me sad, but *someday* one of the kids rooms will be "my" space. 

I belong to a local facebook sell/trade/barter group.  A few days after my birthday I saw this beauty on there for $50......
 She was brand new, still in the box and wrapped in plastic.   I've been wanting one of these for a LONG time but could never justify the expense,  but when I saw that $50 price tag I just knew it had to be mine.  I call her "Lucy",  she can now be best friends with my sewing machine, "Ethel".

And since it's been such a slow stitchy month for me,  the ONLY thing I was able to finish this month was this little Lizzie Kate piece......
I just finished it last night before bed.   I knew I had to do a blog post for SFS for this month and needed something to show so I hurried and finished it.   Can you imagine a SFS post with nothing to show,  I would have been so embarrassed!

Aside from the $50 spent on Lucy,  I've also spent $5.97 on some pink piping trim that will be used as trim on a crib bumper pad for my "grand daughter to be".   Next month will be a bad spending month for me and I already know I'm going to be way over my allowed budget.   I'm getting the bumper pad inserts, fabric, ribbon and some batting and I know the grand total of all of it will end up being well over the $25 a month allowance.    Hopefully next month I'll have a crib quilt and bumper to show you all. :)

The Stitch from Stash challenge was originally intended to be for our cross stitch spending but I'm choosing to show EVERYTHING craft related because, honestly,  my stuff gets mixed together and used for more than one type of "craft".   And I think it will be fun to look back over the year and actually see what I really do spend on crafty related things in a year.

So, my grand total for this month is: $55.97 and ONE finish from my stash.  Kinda sad when I put it like that, ack!

Hope everyone else is doing better with their spending than I am.  Keep your needles smoking!


  1. Sorry you lost your craft space. I dream of getting one someday too and until then everything is just everywhere. Looks like you got a great deal on Lucy; hope her and Ethel don't get you into as much trouble as they got each other in on the TV show.

  2. I have a "Lucy" of my own. I got her from a Freecycle group. I'd been wanting one forever, too. Hopefully, you'll carve out a little craft space for yourself in the new house. My SFS doesn't have any photos since I just did a post prior with all the photos. I just referred to it, lol.

  3. I love Lucy! I want one for myself too, and to relearn to sew again.. I haven't put a pattern together in years. I love your finish. I have to find mine so I can stitch it.. I do love the red.

  4. You can decorate Lucy for each holiday in a different outfit lol. Love your finish. I just may have to get this pattern and do it for myself - yea right I never do anything for me. I don't have one thing for myself that I have ever cross stitched. I keep saying I am making something for me but it never gets finished. Someday I will have stuff on my walls. I have lived in my house for 1 1/2 years and still have not hung pictures. Keep up the good work!!!

  5. I'm not sure that that the purchase of the form counts towards the stitching stash...I mean, the challenge was to control spending on stitching stash items, such as threads, patterns, fabrics, etc. so technically, I think you made the limit with only spending on the piping? Nice on the finish and congrats on the move and many happy days to spent there I pray!

  6. Hi Mary cute finish and what a buy!
    Mary Louise in IN